Terms of Use

Users and members are required to read and accept the responsibilities and rules regulated in the following articles in order to use WHO CALLS use application and / or become members, and also to benefit from the services provided by the application.

  1. Application : defines WHO CALLS Mobile Application
  2. User: Defines the people who visit the application and non-members,
  3. Standard Member : Defines the members of the application who agree to the terms of use,
  4. Hereby Agreement has been approved between who is the operator of the application and owner of WHO CALLS brand and the MEMBER who has agreed to the terms of use in electronic media.
    1. The application provides members with the information of who made the call they missed and this platform allows members to block unwanted numbers. With this application, members can make inquiries and find out who the caller is and they can define a number as an unwanted.
    2. Becoming a MEMBER is mandatory to the Application in order to benefit from all of the content on the Application. Application may also offer some content to non-MEMBER standard users.
    3. WHO CALLS reserves the right to modify/limit the contents and properties of the services that it offers at all times. WHO CALLS always has the right to change the scope and shape of the content that will be presented as paid / free at any time.
    4. User and MEMBER shall not exhibit any defamation, slander, subversive behavior, unethical behavior and etc. in talks with each other or WHO CALLS authorities. In these kind of behaviors, WHO CALLS has the right to restrict, stop, and suspend the User's or Member's access to the application, and cancel the Membership status.
    5. WHO CALLS is entitled to stop its existing services for a reasonable time for technical maintenance, unavoidable internet outages and other requirements. WHO CALLS can adopt usage rules and policies regarding the services provided, and can always change them unilaterally. User and Member, agrees to abide by the hereby rules and policies.
    6. WHO CALLS can give 'links' to other websites and / or portals, mobile applications, files or content owned and operated by third parties. These links may be provided for ease of reference. Giving these links does not carry the intention of supporting that website, mobile application or their operators, and it does not imply any representation or warranty as to content of the website or mobile application.


      When you install and use WHO CALLS, in accordance with the WHO CALLS Privacy Policy, WHO CALLS gets your informations the devices that you use our services, process and record these informations. The informations are: Your IP address, Device ID, type of your device and product saler company, device and your hardware settings, operating system, WHO CALLS application version and the base of informations with interact with our services. WHO CALLS use the informations that collected and connected to improve our services, continues, present and develop new features, protect WHO CALLS and users. WHO CALLS uses these informations for show more relevant search results and advertisements.


Here are details on our subscription* offer:

Subscription period is for 1 week or 1 month and Renewal subscriptions will be every week or every month. The charge is starting from $29,99 that may vary according to packages you prefer.

• Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.
• Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
• Account will be charged for renewal within 24hours of the end of the current period, and the cost of the renewal will be provided.
• Subscriptions may be managed by the user. Auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s iTunes Account Settings after purchase.
• No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period.
• You can cancel your subscription by entering the following address: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039

    1. MEMBER accepts and undertakes not to infringe the intellectual and property and personal rights of 3rd parties and personalities, as well as not engage in actions such as defamation, slander and cursing while using the application.
    2. The members should provide a “Permission for Accessing the Directory” in order to be able to use the application. So, by allowing such an access, the member accepts that the numbers in his/her phone book, mail addresses, user addresses, card details, and such other information will be available in the WHO CALLS and may be viewed when queried by other members and defined as unwanted number. The members accept the responsibility for those numbers to be displayed and used by other members. The numbers, email addresses, user addresses, card details and such other information in the phone book can be shared with others by WHO CALLS.
    3. The numbers that other members defined unwanted, will be listed as ‘ most blocked phone numbers list’ in the application. Members, will not be listed on this list unless otherwise specified by other users.
    4. Members who want to use their numbers only for communication purposes, shall make this setting from the ‘Privacy Settings’ on the application. Thus, their numbers will not be listed on the results of inquiries by names.
    5. If the member gives permission to application through Privacy settings, for Sharing the number with all WHO CALLS users, member accepts that other members can see his/her number on the results of inquiries by names.
    6. MEMBER declares to benefit from the application for personal purposes only, and not to make any service, whether commercial or noncommercial, used by other individuals and no to transfer any service, whether paid or unpaid, to others.
    7. MEMBER accepts and declares that services referred to the service fee are the instantly carried out services and in monthly / yearly or at certain periodic memberships, fee refund, deduction and transfer demands can not be claimed due to not using the service.
    8. MEMBER, as well as being the sole responsible for the accuracy of the information that was provided during becoming a member to the application and the phonebook /contact information and other data that is shared; and for the protection of the user passwords, acknowledges that issues related to security, storage, retention of the information from the 3rd persons and unauthorized uses are his/her responsibility. WHO CALLS , directly or indirectly, has no responsibility related to the damage suffered or may be suffered by the members and / or third parties for all their due to their negligence and defects by the MEMBERS on subjects including the security, storage, retention of the tools providing access to the system from the 3rd persons and unauthorized uses.
    9. MEMBER, is responsible for the adequacy of the internet access services of the hardware (device) that is used for access to the application and cannot hold WHO CALLS responsible due to inability to have access / use the services for the hereby reasons.
    10. The services or the content may not be used in any way, which is illegal, harmful or may be considered offensive by WHO CALLS, other users or third parties. Members agree that, will not use the phone data in application illegally. Otherwise, member will be responsible.
    1. All rights related to all images, database, information, documents and all kinds of materials within the application are reserved to WHO CALLS, and USERS and MEMBERS have the right only to view the services found in the application as far as allowed. MEMBER and USER are not entitled to use the content in the nature of work by application except for their personal purposes. MEMBER and USER declares and undertakes that he/she will not copy any of the content found in the application, will not replicate except for personal benefits, distribute, and present to the use and benefit of 3rd parties, whether commercial or noncommercial.
    2. The only exception to this Article, with the condition that it does not interfere with the link, connection and other descriptive data, are the social media accounts given permission to share via application for personal use.
    1. Any actions, not existing, foreseen at the date of signing the contract and arising out of the control of the parties and once arisen, precluding both parties or one of the parties to fulfill their contractual liabilities and responsibilities partly or totally; the events mentioned in the laws and any failures discrepancies and interruptions in the internet infrastructure as well as any actions of the 3rd parties, providing service to WHO CALLS, that could lead to service interruptions are considered as force majeure events. In the event of force majeure lasts for more than 30 days, the parties have the right for the termination of this contract unilaterally and without compensation.
    1. Declarations and reservations of the WHO CALLS on personal information and privacy on page Privacy Statement declared by the application in the relevant page is an integral part of this contract.
    1. MEMBER can end his/her membership at any time on the application. As the services referred to the service fee are the instantly carried out services, fee refund can not be claimed in case of MEMBERSHIP cancellation.
    2. WHO CALLS can suspend / cancel the MEMBERSHIP of the MEMBER unilaterally and without notice, in failure to comply with the rules written in the hereby contract , and may apply to technical blockings that will prevent the MEMBER to benefit from the Application again.
    1. Any conflicts that might arise between WHO CALLS and the MEMBERS shall be primarily resolved amicably. If no consensus is reached between the parties, they agree that the Courts and Execution Offices in Dubai are authorized.

 Privacy Statement

  1. WHO CALLS, in order to ensure users' and members' personal and corporate privacy and to maintain maximum benefit from all technological services; has adopted various policies for individual / institutional knowledge and data security. This privacy policy are determined and declared to be applied for all data the collection and/or use on all mobile applications and all services by WHO CALLS and connected to WHO CALLS.
  2. User or MEMBER are deemed to have been accepted the policies related to visiting , and/or using mobile applications by WHO CALLS and connected to WHO CALLS and/or becoming a registered member. WHO CALLS has always right to make operations such as corrections and update in "Privacy Statement" section in the internet sites connected to itself without prior notice in accordance with the feedback received through one of the contact addresses determined under the pages entitled .
  3. WHO CALLS may share any personal and/or corporate information and date submitted electronically to WHO CALLS by the users with any third party. WHO CALLS may send newsletters through email messages, SMS or contact over the phone or perform marketing activities as allowed by the law and collect data from such communication activities through various tools and methods for statistical purposes. WHO CALLS may share the personal/corporate data and information submitted to it and also cooperate with third parties for the collection of such data/information; perform sales and allow them to be used. WHO CALLS may share the data collected from the users over 3rd party applications and obtain data from 3rd party applications in order to sustain and expand its services. Such data may contain phone books, contacts, social media accounts, photos, email addresses, İP addresses as well as call records.
  4. WHO CALLS, for the identification of possible system problems in the mobile application by WHO CALLS or connected to WHO CALLS and the immediate solution for these problems, can save the users' IP addresses, other contact information and the saved data in the user account in social media when necessary and use these data for the above mentioned purposes. These data/ information can be used by WHO CALLS for the general identification of the users and produce an extensive demographic data. WHO CALLS reserves the obligations of traffic data as specified in the EU Directive on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data” dated 24.10.1995.
  5. WHO CALLS may provide links to other websites through the mobile applications by WHO CALLS or connected to WHO CALLS. WHO CALLS can publish the advertisements, application forms, announcements, surveys of 3rd parties which had an agreement with. WHO CALLS may lead the Users through these forms, announcements, surveys and advertisers to websites / services / to mobile applications of the advertising or negotiated 3rd parties. WHO CALLS bears no liability in relation to any kind of privacy practices and policies of the third party web sites and / or mobile applications accessed through this link, and also for any visual, textual or any kind of content that they contain.
  6. Personal/institutional information on User/ Member is regarded as all kinds of information used for the identification of user including name and surname, address, phone number, e-mail address, age. WHO CALLS, unless otherwise specified in the hereby privacy statement, shall not disclose any of the personal / institutional information to non-cooperated companies and 3rd parties. WHO CALLS goes beyond the provisions of the hereby privacy statement and give information on users to third parties in the cases listed below. These cases are;
    1. The cases that require legal compliance with the legislations in force and international agreement that are also effective in the domestic law.
    2. The cases that fulfillment of the requirements and the implementation of the contract between WHO CALLS and its users,
    3. In cases in which user information is demanded by effective administrative and / or judicial authorities for a survey or an investigation carried out in accordance with the procedural method.
    4. In cases in which giving information is necessary for the protection of users' rights or security purposes.
  7. WHO CALLS can obtain the users' user information in the internet sites and mobile applications by WHO CALLS or connected to WHO CALLS by using technical contact files Cookies, and the information on application usage with IP or Social Media user account data. Technical contact files which are known as cookies are data files which are used and designed to have statistical information on how many people have visited the website with a temporal comparison, purposes of someone for visiting the internet site and the number of visits and the duration of the visit, and to help producing commercials and contents with a dynamic diversity from the user pages designed specifically for users. Users can always change the settings of their browsers if they wish not to have cookies placed on their computers or to receive alerts when receiving a file of this type.
  8. The information demanded from the users that will respond to periodic or non-periodic surveys organized within the Applications by WHO CALLS, can be used for direct marketing to customers, statistical analysis and to create a custom database by WHO CALLS and persons or institutions in cooperation with WHO CALLS.
  9. WHO CALLS, can change the provisions of the hereby privacy statement when deemed necessary, provided that publishing in mobile applications by WHO CALLS or connected to WHO CALLS. Changes made in the provisions of the privacy statement by WHO CALLS are deemed to have come into force on the date of the publication on the Application.



  1. The application provides members with the information of who made the call they missed and this platform allows members to block unwanted numbers. With this application, members can make inquiries and find out who the caller is and they can define a number as an unwanted.
  2. WHO CALLS is established for entertainment. WHO CALLS DOES NOT GUARANTEE IN ANY WAY RELATING TO RESULTS THROUGH THE USE OF THE CONTENT PROVIDED BY ITSELF OBTAINED BY ANY PERSON OR ORGANIZATIONS, including phone numbers and names data. Also there is no warranty to block specific numbers to call.
  3. WHO CALLS will not be responsible for any users’ phone numbers to be on the unwanted numbers list or most blocked numbers list.
  4. Contact information declared by a member; can be used for sending newsletters, marketing and advertising.
  5. WHO CALLS, provides data protection under the application. However, member/user will be responsible for using unlawfully or unauthorized accessing, abusing,data mining, data storage, replication, copy, selling other users’ information or/and all other data.
  6. Members accept that phone numbers and names on their phone books are correct and reliable. WHO CALLS does not verify these data and does not control the contents. Members accept that data which are shared with their permission on the app, can be viewed by other members. In case of any abusement, WHO CALLS will not be responsible for any damages to members or third parties.
  7. All assets, real and personal rights, all rights for commercial information and know-how of the WHO CALLS including services, information, works subject to copyright, WHO CALLS trademarks, any type of material and intellectual property rights owned via trade dress or the mobile application are reserved.